FILTER MATCH air filter import and manufacturing was established in 2002, Our core business involved to the manufacturing of air filter replacement and cleanroom equipment, We have been continuously expanding our product with a wide range of air filter to support automotive paint spray booth industry, micro electronic industry, Gas turbine, Food industry, Pharmaceutical, and HVAC.
AIR FILTRATION products are specializing in highest quality performance and reliability material with OEM factory from ITALY, USA and VIETNAM with testing facility and certificate, to provide best in class product and service, under brand which include Vellotex, Vilberg, FTEX, VAF, TRIDM, DAFF and other.

Core value

  • Quality of products
  • Continuous improvement to
    international standard
  • Fastest shipping of any
    product in Ex-Stock
Authorized dealer & Our partner







Now a day, FILTER MATCH have OEM partner for global reach with special technical and R&D facilities in other product. Vellotex (O.R.V.), TRIDM media for special list in paint spray booth product type and VAF, H&V for special list in clean room product.
From our OEM factory around the world we finding the best product to serve our customer with the best price that we also confidently in quality of product with standard of production and testing certify,
We will always strive to create a better value air solution product to the human race and be the leader in clean air solution
Our global reach
FTEX sales and manufacturing now we continuous to make many type of filter in our plant, and our partner still reached in 7 Countries, as Italy, Vietnam, USA, Saudi-arabia, Malaysia, Korea and China. Our expert partner teams across the globe will able to provide you solutions of your clean air inquiry